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 Changing out 55G tank

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Changing out 55G tank Empty
PostSubject: Changing out 55G tank   Changing out 55G tank Icon_minitime11/30/2011, 10:04 am

Ok, since my 'native tank' only has 3 Bluegill in it and I keep getting 'donated' plecos and cories that have outgrown student tanks, I've decided I might as well just switch it over to all coldwater exotics. I grew up with orandas and love them to death! But I haven't owned any in ten years or so - since I switched to other species and planted tanks.

This is a 55G, no plants other than duckweed since the 18" pleco murders them. Thinking of putting maybe a dozen small fantail types of goldfish in there. Everything from calico to oranda. Let them grow up together. Maybe a few nice fake plants as well. I'd like for students to realize how BIG things like plecos and goldfish can get.

I do have two 'floating islands' that are planted, since I put my 5 red bellied toads into the tank a while back. Have very good filtration and keep parameters level.
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Changing out 55G tank
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