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PostSubject: Hello!   Hello! Icon_minitime12/26/2014, 3:06 pm

Hello, its a first time joining a fish site. Im a young fish lover. Ive had fish of some sort for as long as I can remember, from a tiny gold fish to soon to be Oscars and chiclids, and throw in a bigger shark too if the store has the freshwater ones in stock. I have three tanks set up now. One has a turtle and a couple black molly's in it, my other has a very small Oscar and a 2in silver tip shark. I also have many other animals but there not fish, if you would like me to tell you about them let me know. Im setting up a 45 gallon I believe now, from D.A.S. that has been resold to us from who I do not know. I having trouble with it which caused me to seek advice and help from online. Im going to post a topic or such about it in the right section to get help with it. So...that's it nice to join and I hope to meet, and make lots of new friends.
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