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 Flippercon Pike Tank

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PostSubject: Flippercon Pike Tank   Flippercon Pike Tank Icon_minitime1/22/2012, 7:20 pm

I got some pikes a few months back and and got them just to grow out. I don't plan on keeping them long term unless they can live together in a 75. I ran across the live feeders/breeders problem. These guys just eat them all. So I was reading they can be trained to eat pellets as long as you use another docile fish that eats pellets. So I had a bunch of convicts and stuck em in. The pikes picked off the smaller ones and every now and then there will be half eaten bodies but for the most part they are eating pellets. I think I have positively Id the pikes as Crenicichla Strigatta and Crenicichla Menezesi.
Nevermind the AQ110 in the front I am cycling it on the tank. lol!


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Flippercon Pike Tank
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