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 I was attacked.... :)

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I was attacked.... :) Empty
PostSubject: I was attacked.... :)   I was attacked.... :) Icon_minitime11/22/2011, 11:38 am

Have you ever seen the videos of the 'brazilian muggers'..

......a whole pack comes after you..

So, I woke up late this morning, I have family in...late night etc..

..and I didnt turn the lights on before I fed them...

In the dark, they attacked me!!! they bit my fingers..!

I've been bitten by everything under the sun... never thought

a clown loach would get the best of me..... they have teeth!!

I got nailed by an alligator one time.... an alligator snapping turtle too..
.......hottest Ive gotten (thank God) was a 18 inch Hognose...

Whats gotten the best of you, not looking..... haha Peace JT I type this Im thinking this should be a 'video only' thread,
"reactions" are priceless!!!

(ps, reading/editiing this post, at first it sounds like my 'family' attacked me haha...
........yo heavy pancakes with some real maple syrup gets them 'scrappy' ...later)
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I was attacked.... :)
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