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 FS/T - Breeding Groups of Lake Victorians - Cape Coral, Fl. - Pickup or Ship

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PostSubject: FS/T - Breeding Groups of Lake Victorians - Cape Coral, Fl. - Pickup or Ship   3/31/2011, 4:02 pm

I have a very prolific breeding group of Christmas Fulus (Xistochromis phytophagus) - 1 male, 12 females - have given me close to 500 fry in a very short period of time... couple months or so..

Male is 3 1/2" or so, females are all 3 1/2 - 4 1/2" or so.

These came from Deadman's line.

Asking only $100 if you take the whole group !!!

That's just over $7 for each proven breeder!

Lone females
$15 for one
$13 ea for two
$11.50 ea for three
$10 ea for four

1.5 group $65


Also have a very prolific breeding group of Sp44's that came directly from Jill/Fern. These have also given me hundreds of fry very quickly.

I believe there are about 13 adults, maybe 5-6 males and 7-8 females or so.

Males are around 4"-5" and females are around 3"-4" or so.

Willing to take $120 for the whole group !!!

Lone males $15
Lone Females $20
Pairs $30
Trios $45
Reverse Trios $40


Breeding group of Albino Long Finned Bushy Nose Plecos. These came from Fern/Jill and are proven.

1 male, 4 females.

One female is either golden or lutino, maybe even lucistic, because she has the same color as the albinos but lacks the red eyes - she has black eyes - so you will get normal/wild type colored offspring as well.

These sell as youngsters for $20 and up.

Asking $120 for the group!

Lone Males or Females - $30 ea


Please call me for best results 239-244-7169 -Joe

They are available for pickup or delivery in Cape Coral and the surrounding area or delivery with shipping paid by you.

Thanks much
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FS/T - Breeding Groups of Lake Victorians - Cape Coral, Fl. - Pickup or Ship
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