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 New Here, wanted to say hello

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Location : Jacksonville, Florida
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PostSubject: New Here, wanted to say hello   9/19/2012, 1:30 pm

Hello all, I'm Robert, from Jacksonville Florida.

I keep African cichlids/Lake Victoria/Region

Have 2 tanks at the moment a 75 with wet/dry stock flour. lighting, nothing fancy, but very efficient. And a 55 with an Emp. 400 and a small power head for additional circulation.

Stock List:

1. Astatotilapia latifasciata "zebra obliquidens" - 9 --- 1 known male, they are only about a year old - 55 gallon
2.Pundamilia macrocephala - 13 ----- 4 known males, possibly 1 or 2 more - 75 Gallon
3.Neochromis rufocaudalis "Saa Nane Island" - 8 ------3m/5f - 75 Gallon
4.Astatoreochromis alluaudi - 14 ----- 1 known male, all still considered fry, just got them in this morning. - 55 gallon

Will be hanging out in the African Forum, for obvious reasons, hope I can help as well as learn from everyone here. I look forward to some interesting conversations
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Location : Grand Prairie Texas
Favorite Fish: : 2 Clown Loaches...
Blue Dolphins 10.

PostSubject: Re: New Here, wanted to say hello   9/19/2012, 10:19 pm

Hello welcome to the Fishbox also follow us on Facebook!!! If you need any help let us all know.


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Location : Fort Worth,Tx
Favorite Fish: : Frontosa and Red Tail Catfish and All Africans

PostSubject: Re: New Here, wanted to say hello   9/20/2012, 4:55 pm

hi welcome2 welcome usafishbox


Say hello to my little friend

usafishbox usafishbox usafishbox usafishbox
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PostSubject: Re: New Here, wanted to say hello   

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New Here, wanted to say hello
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