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 diy venturi

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Location : Lancaster, Tx
Favorite Fish: : red belly and black piranha... too bad I moved to Texas where they are illegal!

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PostSubject: diy venturi   diy venturi Icon_minitime9/16/2012, 4:10 pm

Hey aquarists,

I recently got my 240G tank, built my stand and got a 75G refugium, my skimmer requires a venturi pump but what i've noticed is none of the LFS's seem to carry them in the stores. I have a pump that i'm absolutely in love with want to use it with my skimmer. The pump is a Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 (same company makes a similar pump specifically for skimmers called PSK-2500) im going to get the needle wheel to switch out with my impellar and the only problem is the venturi!. I've contacted both Sicce and Trigger Systems and found out that the pump manufacturers dont make the venturi's but instead the skimmer manufacturers do! Learned something new!!! No one manufactures a venturi specific to my current pump and I really dont want to buy a new pump and have to get a bracket to hold it in place next to the skimmer since my pump is the perfect height with no bracket and is quiet. So heres the good news, i found a diy venturi design that im pretty confident will work extremely well at this link . My issue now is I have no clue what epoxy is aqua or aquarium safe and most in HD and Lowes dont say they are like they use to, and I dont have a lathe or drill press to accurately drill how I need to. The sani-tred they used isnt sold locally as far as i've seen and I dont know what is similar that can be used. Does anyone have any knowledge and/or ideas to solve this problem? The one I want to do is the DIY PVC pipe venturi, its about 3/4 of the way down the page
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Posts : 7
Location : Lancaster, Tx
Favorite Fish: : red belly and black piranha... too bad I moved to Texas where they are illegal!

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PostSubject: Re: diy venturi   diy venturi Icon_minitime9/16/2012, 4:18 pm

some pics of my room divider FOWLR tank build progress

240G Glass Display tank w/ euro bracing 96x24x25
2x96 watt 10000k coralife PC retrofit, 2x96 watt 50/50
2 Hydor Evolution 1400 circulation pumps
planning for 200-250lbs of live sand 100-150lbs of live rock

75G Refugium 48x18x23 skimmer chamber 13x18, refuge chamber 27x18
Mag 18 return pump
all pvc plumbing
Trigger Systems TS3 skimmer w/ Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 pump
2 Fluval M300 and 1 Fluval M250 Heaters
Marineland single bright 18-24" LED system
planning for miracle mud and 3-4 live sand DSB w/live rock pieces and Chaeto

fish list (wont be all but these are what im looking thru as possible choices)
red volitan lionfish
black volitan lionfish
harlequin tuskfish
lunare wrasse
blue head wrasse
yellow coris wrasse
harlequin sweetlips
black sail fin blenny
lawnmower blenny
blue spot toby puffer
imperator angel
flame angel
bicolor angel
koran angel
lyretail anthias
maroon clownfish
naso tang
sailfin tang
yellow tang
scopas tang
blue damsel
domino damsel
striped damsel
green chromis
niger trigger
blue throat trigger
striped squirrel fish
princess parrot fish
chocolate chip starfish
assorted color bahama starfish
thorny starfish
snowflak eel
bamboo shark
cortez ray

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diy venturi
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