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 20 Gallon planted filter set up

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20 Gallon planted filter set up Empty
PostSubject: 20 Gallon planted filter set up   20 Gallon planted filter set up Icon_minitime5/27/2012, 4:31 pm

I redid the 20 gallon tank in my room yesterday (my other 20 gallon is filtered by an HOB meant for a 30 gallon with sand and gravel substrate), as I have been running two power heads revers flow with an under gravel filter. I drained the tank over half way into clean buckets, removed the plants and common tank gravel. Next I put a 20 pound bag of large pebbles (very round, no jagged edges), and then a 15 pound bag of plant substrate, and finally put most of the regular tank gravel (pea gravel) on the plant substrate.

This setup allows the air to get under the filter plates and come back through the different layers of media wich oxygenates the water at the plant roots, and by putting the gravel back on top of the plant substrate made it easy for the tank to clear (I didn't have any fish or animals in the tank).

Once the water was clear I placed the plants where I wanted them.

I used the water out of one barrel to drip acclimate a couple cories, some killifish, and some wood shrimp.

Lighting is a 10000k T5 white bulb and an actinic T5 bulb in a Coralife housing that sits above the glass lid, filtration is from a pair of Penguin (Marineland) 660R powerheads (the R means it sucks water through a foam filter and blows the water and air down the riser tube for the undergravel filter. I have plenty of other circulation via a bubble wall, an airstone under 1/2 a cocoanut husk, and an airstone in between a 'Roman' column decoration.

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20 Gallon planted filter set up
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