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 Red Blood Parrot Breeding Tube Issue

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Red Blood Parrot Breeding Tube Issue Empty
PostSubject: Red Blood Parrot Breeding Tube Issue   Red Blood Parrot Breeding Tube Issue Icon_minitime4/27/2012, 8:01 am

I have a regularly (1x per month or every other month) breeding (sterile) pair of Red Blood Parrots. They are about 5 inches in diameter. I do not know the age of these "rescue" fish but I have had them about a year. Recently the female has developed a black colored "blockage" in her breeding tube, it looks like an impaction.
They do seem to love the shrimp pellets the most out of the mixed pellet and flake diet I feed everyone in tank. Have been offering English peas in the evenings. I did also rearrange the tank recently, reducing their spawning spots.
Has anyone experienced this, know anything about this, got any answers or remedies?
Thank You in advance, I really love all my fish and hope I am not about to loose her.
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Red Blood Parrot Breeding Tube Issue
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