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 My 4 tanks.....

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My 4 tanks..... Empty
PostSubject: My 4 tanks.....   My 4 tanks..... Icon_minitime4/6/2012, 7:40 pm

I have posted these before, but made a few changes and wanted to get them all in one thread if thats cool....

Here is a pic of each of my 4 tanks... hope you like...

My 55gallon... CA tank with a convict, firemouth, and 6 young Nics (going for a pair).. also some dithers...
My 4 tanks..... 1gorvo

15 gallon... dwarf puffer tank.. 2 tetras, 1 cory, 1 BN plec
My 4 tanks..... 30ixr36

10 gallon... multi tank.. only one pair... still waiting on eggs...
My 4 tanks..... 2qal3ki

75 gallon... random tank... gold severum, 2 senegal bichirs, 5 tetras.... (dim lighting for the senegals, had to add another light for the picture)
My 4 tanks..... Eugbxu

just wanted to share... I am pretty proud of them... especially the 55gallon, it is in my living room and I think it looks pretty sweet... can anyone guess the one fake item in the aquascape of the 55???
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My 4 tanks.....
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