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 here we go again filter sucking air pffft

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here we go again filter sucking air pffft Empty
PostSubject: here we go again filter sucking air pffft   here we go again filter sucking air pffft Icon_minitime3/4/2012, 4:41 pm

Just got done cleaning my rena filstar xp2 which I finally found out 2 months ago the reason it was sucking air into it was bacause the primer cap wasnt sealing off air all the way so i wrapped teflon tape and fixed that no air or sucking noise since until after i cleaned it today..Now since i cleaned and moved stuff inside it around maybe i still have some air trapped inside the filter cause after a couple hrs its getting alot better so thats what i think it is however i noticed that on the bottom side of the quick disconnect valve a small piece is broken off! It looks like a small latch thats suppose to hold the disconnect valve all the way down. I cant tell no diff however from latch being broke cause disconnect valve still feels like its all the way down..Anyways is it possible thats causing the sucking of air or does that really have nothing to do with it??
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here we go again filter sucking air pffft
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